Terms and Conditions

This is a summary of Sol Casinos terms and conditions. For the full list of terms and conditions, you should visit our main website here: https://sol.casino/en/terms

By the virtue of using the SOL casino website, you accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. Parties

This website is operated by Galaktika N.V hereinafter also referred to as “The casino” or “the Company” with the registered address Groot Kwartierweg 10 Willemstad Curacao.

The company has a right to make changes to the website and anything else about it without any prior written notice.

  1. Legal requirements

Only persons above the age of 18 years or the legal gambling age of your jurisdiction are allowed to participate on our website.

  1. Creating account

To use our website, you will need to create an account specifying your personal information such as name, email address, date of birth, password, phone number, and passport data. By creating an account, you confirm that you are the legal owner of the account, and understand that you may lose money when using the account and that you bear the personal responsibility for ensuring bet accuracy.

You agree that only you will access your account through your login details and shall be fully responsible for the safety of your data and that you shall not give access to your account to third parties. You agree to notify the company of any unauthorized access to your account.

  1. Deposits and withdrawals

To wager on our site, you will need to make deposits on Sol Casino through various channels such as Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Mobile money, and Cryptos. For a full list of deposit and withdrawal methods available in your country, you can contact us at [email protected]. You accept that money deposited in your account is legally gotten and that you will bear the responsibility for the validity of the information concerning the transaction.

  1. Illegal activities

We prohibit all forms of illegal activities such as criminal/fraudulent activities, and the use of strategies that are supposed to give players an undue advantage over the website. The company has a right to cancel payment, disable your account, and recover your winning where fraudulent activities are noted in your account.

  1. Gambling rules

You agree to bear personal responsibility for the information you enter before making a bet. If the company finds the user to have violated the terms, we may refuse to complete the transaction.

  1. Limitation of liability

While the company will take all the necessary measures to prevent errors, we shall not bear responsibility for any software malfunction. All users of our website accept that they do so at their own risk and the casino shall not be held liable for losses.

  1. Duration of contract

If you would like to close your account, you should contact us at [email protected]. The company may debit your account with commissions or other amounts owed to the company. After the cancellation of your account, your contract with Sol Casino will be deemed to have ended.

The company has a right to delete your account if your account is linked to a previously deleted account or linked to a blocked account, or you have attempted to hack the system or manipulate the casino software. Other reasons that may lead to your account getting closed are trying to access your website from a jurisdiction where Sol Casino isn’t allowed to operate and posting offensive or abusive language.

  1. Intellectual property right

All the information on the website is subject to copyright and another proprietary right. Printing of the casino information for commercial purposes is prohibited. Use of the trade name, logos, and trademarks of the websites doesn’t grant the right to the proprietary property.

  1. Violation of contracts

Users undertake to compensate Sol casino, its partners/associates, if they break the terms and conditions of the website, violate the rights of third parties, or where their account is found to be used by third parties.

  1. Handling of complaints

Where a user would like to raise a complaint concerning our website, they should contact our customer support. The player will be informed of the outcome of such complaints. Where the dispute isn’t resolved within the casino administration level, the player has a right to contact independent parties, and official gambling authorities or licenses.

By playing on our website, you understand that the outcome of games is determined by a random number generator. You agree to accept the outcome of all games.

  1. Website changes

Sol Casino has a right to change and supplement the services offered on the website through a website update, and to halt or change games and gaming events offered through the website.

  1. Force Majeure

The company will not be held responsible for failure or the delay of the performance of its obligations stated in the terms and conditions due to force majeure such as war, natural disasters, civil unrest, internet attacks, and other attacks that hurt its performance. For our detailed terms and conditions, visit our Main page.

Web site is for informational purposes only. The website does not accept deposits and does not conduct real money slots.